Our Listing Process

We go above and beyond to provide the best possible outcomes for our clients. From initial market analysis to our final negotiations, we pour over every detail to ensure that the best aspects of your property are highlighted, and that the greatest number of potential buyers are brought in to the process

Zip Code Price Comparison

In-Depth Analysis

Rather than simply looking at current listings, we dissect market trends going back years to determine exactly where a property fits in.

This larger context allows us to maximize a clients long-term return on investment.

Staging Materials

Custom Staging

Some properties are ready-to-list when we first see them, while others need items & furniture brought in to showcase their true potential. 

We examine every property on a per-case basis to determine the best strategy.

Professional Photography

Pro Photography

A great photo is what makes a listing jump off of the page, whether for agents looking on the MLS, or buyers on commercial sites.

We hire L.A.'s top photographers to make sure your property is the one they notice.


Custom Brochures

In addition to making sure that your property is highly visible online, we create custom brochures for each listing.

Providing buyers with a physical guide gives your listing a leg-up on the competition.


Catered Open Houses

When agents & buyers are attending multiple open houses in a day, it's the little details that stand out.

With fresh gourmet food at our open houses, your listing won't be forgotten.


Expert Negotiation

We do everything we can to ensure that by the offer stage, our clients have multiple buyers bidding for their property.

Through skillful negotiation, we achieve the best possible results for our clients.